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Weight Loss Plan with PEIDSO products

In principle, weight loss is simple to execute. Just burn more calories than you consume, which creates a calorific deficit and forces your body to burn your stored fat to make up the difference.
Unfortunately many people interpret this as starving themselves, and then wonder why their weight loss efforts fail. Healthy weight maintenance can help you keep your cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure levels under control, reducing your risk of developing weight-related health problems such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.Ideal weight loss programs focus on healthy eating rather than rapid results.
Calculate Your BMI, and determine your weight loss goal, before start your weight loss plan.


Peidso is a detoxification supplement that aids the user with weight loss and completely detoxifies the body. This product aims to help with fat reduction, both safely and naturally. The primary component found in this formula is Maqui Forza Berry, an Organic & Naturally Pure fruit, which contains antioxidants, polyphenols, and anthocyarins. A Maqui Berry helps boost your metabolism, helping you shed 1-5 pounds a month, removing harmful toxins from the body, decreasing LDL cholesterol, combating fatigue, and suppressing hunger. The health benefits of Maqui Berry : Supports Healthy Aging, Protect cells from oxidation stress, Neutralizes Free Radicals, Support Healthy Ant-Inflammatory Function, and Support Healthy Immune System.

Fiber also helps fat loss, as it makes you feel fuller for longer due to it taking your body longer to digest,. This longer digestion time also uses more calories and raises your core body temperature and metabolic rate, known as “thermogenesis”, helping to increase fat burning and prevent fat storage.

Don’t forget your water. Aim for around 8 glasses of water a day, as it’s very important to keep your body hydrated when trying to lose weight. As you’ll be consuming more protein you’ll need more water for your liver and kidneys to process it.


When losing weight, if you eat the correct ratio of protein, carbs and fat, you’ll find you can lose weight without resorting to too many supplements. Especially when you combine your diet with exercise.

We do suggest a Peidso Nutrition Bar, it’s a great way to add a few meals and make sure you are eating 5 or 6 per day. Of course you may want to speed up your results, in which case we suggest:


Peidso Capsules are an excellent diuretic and weight loss aid that increases your energy and alertness. It is clean, safe and gives a natural energy while suppressing the appetite and helping fighting cellulite accumulation.

We don’t advise you to rely on supplements alone, as a healthy diet and exercise routine is far superior for long term results. Relying on supplements can see your weight return as soon as you stop taking them. A healthy eating and exercise plan can transform your body for good and make you feel healthier than you may have felt for years.

Training and Exercise

When losing weight, if you eat the correct ratio of protein, carbs and fat, you’ll find you can lose weight without resorting to too many supplements. Especially when you combine your diet with exercise.

It’s not essential to exercise when you want to lose weight, but it will drastically speed up your efforts. Remember that weight loss is primarily about consuming less calories than you burn, so it makes sense to increase your calorie burning activities. Not only that but exercise has so many well known benefits, it’s well worth the effort.

To begin with it may be a good idea to build up gently and workout twice per week, for the first few weeks, building up to 3 times per week. Always have at least one day between workouts to ensure your muscles and nervous system has time to recuperate.

Remember that everyone is different and you’ll need to find out what’s right for you.