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Hebrews 11:1 King James Version (KJV)


The high antioxidant content of this amazing blend helps to naturally boost the immune system, promoting a natural, healthy weight loss. It can speed up digestion, strengthen bones and joints and can clear up your skin. It has even been known to help increase brain function! Cholesterol levels can be improved with L-carnitine, and improves sugar levels.

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  • Supporting healthy Weight Loss
  • Increasing Energy Levels
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Boosts The Immune System

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Peidso is a detoxification supplement that aids the user with weight loss and completely detoxifies the body. This product aims to help with fat reduction, both safely and naturally. The primary component found in this formula is Maqui Berry, an Organic & Naturally Pure fruit, which contains antioxidants, polyphenols, and anthocyarins. Maqui Berry helps boots your metabolism, helping you shed 1-5 pounds a week, removing harmful toxins from the body, decreasing LDL cholesterol, combating fatigue, and suppressing hunger.

We know we need fiber, but what does it do?

Dietary fiber – found in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes – is best known for keeping us regular. However, fiber also provides many other benefits, such as helping to maintain immunity, and supporting overall well-being. In fact, fiber is important for good health.


Increase your metabolism

Peidso Fiber, with Maqui berry superfruit, increases the metabolism of your body. It helps your system to process your diet quickly and create more stamina. People suffering from digestion troubles can get result consuming Peidso regularly.

The Problem: Life Without Adequate Fiber

Our low-fiber, Standard American Diet means we’re not adequately eliminating much of what we ingest, which contributes to unwanted weight gain, and has lead to chronic constipation in epidemic proportion.

Add this Secret Weapon to Your Diet Plan PEIDSO Fiber

Filling, high-fiber will keep your calorie count low–and help you lose weight, too

The Secret To Weight Loss PEIDSO Fiber

Fiber can help with weight loss because it increases the sensation of fullness, and influences the hormones that regulate food intake.

The Solution Taking PEIDSO Fiber Facilitates Weight Loss

Insoluble, fat-fighting fiber: travels through the intestines completely intact, and is responsible for preventing constipation, removing toxic waste from the colon, and balancing acidity in the intestines. Insoluble fiber absorbs water and swells in the colon, encouraging the speedy elimination of stool and toxins from your system.

Soluble, fat-fighting fiber: binds with fatty acids and works to lower cholesterol levels. It also slows down the absorption of glucose, facilitating your cells in burning sugar for energy, rather than storing it as fat. By regulating insulin levels – a vital function for diabetics – hunger is controlled, and you’ll eat less as a result!


Now, How Can We Help You?

• Start the day with Peidso Fiber 30 minutes before breakfast.
• Enjoy a healthy snack of Peidso Nutrition Bar: 7 grams of fiber per 100 calorie serving.
• Drink 1 Oz daily of Peidso Juice with Maqui Berry an Antioxidants that reduce the effect of dangerous oxidants, called free radicals.

Good for your digestive health

Fiber may support your digestive tract by keeping the food moving through your system. Eating the recommended amount of fiber daily may also help to maintain the health of the intestine.

A Strong immune system begins in the digestive tract

Your intestinal tract plays an important role in maintaining your body’s immunity. Inulin, the fiber source found in the Peidso Fiber supplement, helps your immune system by stimulating the growth of “good,” healthy bacteria in the gut —. These good bacteria keep the unhealthy bacteria in check, helping to keep your digestive system balanced.

Are you getting enough fiber?

American Dietetic Association, most Americans gets only about half that amount. It’s difficult to get enough fiber each day from your diet, even if you’re trying to live healthier. But it’s easy to get more fiber when you choose Peidso Fiber. One serving (two scoops) of Peidso Fiber equals four grams of fiber. Peidso Fiber is a simple, convenient way to help close the gap between the fiber you get from food and the fiber you need for overall good digestive health – every day.



Dried Organic Maqui Berry powder, Organic Chia Seeds, Konjac glucomanan powder, Organic Psyllium Powder, Cha de bugre, Organic Garcinia Cambogia 60% , and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, & K.
Mix one (2) tablepoons of Peidso in 8oz of water, or preferred beverage. Taking this product without enough liquid may cause chocking. Do not use if you have difficulty swallowing. Take Peidso Twice Daily, in the morning and afternoon before meals. For best results, Peidso should be taken promptly upon mixing to avoid thickening. Drink a minimum of glass of 8 oz of water daily for maximum benefit
Ingredients Contained In Peidso Fiber Are Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Ingredients Of Peidso Fiber Are Produced By Organic Methods.

*Please keep in mind that the information on this site does not constitute medical advice. Before embarking on any weight loss plan or making dietary changes, you should consult your doctor.